On our website, you can find specialized exercises designed to prepare for level A2 in the "Hören" (Listening) section. These exercises are tailored to meet the needs of students, aiming to help them enhance their listening skills in German at the A2 level.

Example of an exercise for exam preparation A2 Hören

Das Mädchen


1. Wann wird das Mädchen ihren Vater anrufen?

Wenn es im Zug ist.

Wenn es in der Stadt ist.

Wenn es zuhause ist.

Effective Strategies for Success in the A2 German Exam Reading Section

The A2 German exam is a standardized assessment evaluating your proficiency in understanding and utilizing German in everyday scenarios. The reading section of the A2 German exam comprises three tasks:

  • Task 1: Grasping the main content of a text
  • Task 2: Comprehending details in a text
  • Task 3: Discerning the subtext of a text

A minimum score of 30 out of 60 points is required to pass the A2 German exam reading section.

Strategies to Excel in the A2 German Exam Reading Section

To prepare effectively for the A2 German exam reading section, consider the following steps:

  • Elevate your vocabulary and grammar proficiency
  • Engage in regular practice of reading German texts
  • Acquire effective reading strategies
Enhancing Vocabulary and Grammar Skills

A robust vocabulary and solid grasp of grammar form the cornerstone for comprehending any text. The more extensive your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, the smoother your understanding of a text, even when faced with unfamiliar words or expressions.

Methods to enhance vocabulary and grammar skills include:

  • Learn and apply new words and expressions as needed
  • Practice using newly acquired words and expressions in conversation or writing
  • Immerse yourself in German audio recordings, movies, and TV shows
Engaging in Reading German Texts

Regularly reading German texts is a paramount method to refine your reading skills. The more you read, the better you comprehend the structure of a text and the meanings of individual words and expressions.

Practice reading German texts through the following approaches:

  • Explore books, magazines, newspapers, and various materials in German
  • Participate in German language courses or language clubs
  • Utilize online resources like Duolingo, Babbel, and Deutsche Welle
Adopting Reading Strategies

Several reading strategies can expedite your understanding of a text. For instance, consider the following strategies:

  • Prioritize reading the title and headings for a general understanding
  • Focus on the first paragraph to grasp the main idea of the text
  • Proceed with the rest of the text, paying attention to details and subtext
  • Pose questions about the text to self-check your understanding

Overview of Tasks in the A2 German Exam Reading Section

Task 1: Grasping the Main Content of a Text

This task requires identifying the primary idea of a text, achieved by reading the title, headings, and the initial paragraph.

Task 2: Comprehending Details in a Text

This task involves locating specific details within a text by carefully reading and noting key words and expressions.

Task 3: Uncovering the Implicit Message in a Text

This task entails interpreting the concealed meaning within a text. To accomplish this, carefully read the text and draw upon your worldly knowledge to decipher underlying messages.

Additional Insights for A2 German Exam Reading Section Preparation

Consider these supplementary tips to enhance your preparation for the A2 German exam reading section:

  • Initiate your preparation well in advance
  • Establish a consistent study schedule and adhere to it
  • Don't hesitate to seek assistance if needed
  • Embrace the learning opportunity presented by your mistakes


Preparing for the A2 German exam reading section demands dedication and time investment. However, with consistency and utilizing appropriate resources, success is attainable. Following the guidelines provided in this article will elevate your likelihood of achieving success in the exam.

Recommended Resources for A2 German Exam Reading Section Preparation

Explore the following resources to augment your preparation for the A2 German exam reading section:

  • The Goethe-Institut website
  • The TestDaF website
  • Relevant textbooks
  • Engage in online courses
  • Practice with available practice tests